Keep track of your finances

Complete end-to-end visibility of all single, split and mass payment histories.

Secure multi-level authentication and user permissions as standard.

Manage and control balances, transfers and notifications.

Seamlessly add, amend and save all administrative details.

Secure solutions designed for everyday business

Account Management 2 by Imperial Currencies

Account Management System

Automating the end-to-end payment process.

Track, check and change payee details with confidence. Our intelligent tools are designed to ensure mistakes are never made. All details are automatically secured on your account with instant one-click processing for any future payments.
Better still, should you wish to amend any payment details, instruct us with your changes and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Multi-User Account Access

Supporting your business model.

With your account you can set the number of users and the level of access they have in handling payments.
You can also set email notifications for payment actions and activities in the account.
Alternatively, you can also set up sub-accounts for instant internal balance transfers between business associates, partners and payees.

Account Management 4 by Imperial Currencies

Total Payment Security

Your payments are always protected.

We tackle compliance head on with robust sanctions screening, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. All transactions are handled in line with applicable law and FCA regulated bodies.
We keep your money safe on its journey with world-class security approved by regulators and bank partners. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that all transactions on our platform are trusted. Find out more here.

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Faster Payment Scheduling

Convert and send your money to anywhere around the world.

Our platform allows you to schedule your payments with confidence to over 212 countries across the world (including non-G-30 countries) using international and local banking routes.
Whether it’s SWIFT, CHAPS, BACs, SEPA or ACH, we accept and send to all. With each payment you can choose your delivery speed based on your payees’ requirements: standard or priority, for delivery within 1 day*. With access to 150+ currencies we’ve got you covered in all major markets. Find out more here.

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Dispatch Payment Options

Convert and pay your way. 

Pay domestic and international vendors, contractors, partners and all other payees in between by uploading their details with one single CSV file.
Simplify complex money movements by choosing to send funds across as single, split and mass payments.
Your payees will never receive fees from us and don’t need to open an account to start receiving their payments.

Account Management 7 by Imperial Currencies

Account Reporting

Tracking payments in one location.

Track all of your payments, either online or through our send and receive status notifications.
Export and reconcile all of your payments and conversions into one easy to access transaction report.
With complete visibility of all transaction histories to status reports for both active and completed transactions, it has never been easy to manage your accounts on the go.

Account Management 9 by Imperial Currencies

Managed For You

Always improving our customer experience.

Our customers are managed for by a team of dedicated personal traders, all of whom are experts in specific areas of the foreign exchange market.
They are fully trained to manage every aspect of your transactions; ready for you to instruct us with your single, split and mass payments. Click here more information about the benefits of having your own personal trader.

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